About Us

A Cultural
Melting Pot

We pride ourselves on creating a space that feels like home to the Bengali community and a fascinating cultural exploration for others. From traditional rituals to contemporary cultural programs, R.T.Nagar Durga Puja is a vibrant showcase of Bengal’s heritage.

As a non-profit organization, we also manage two Bengali schools – Pathshala and Pathbhaban. Our commitment extends beyond cultural to socio-religious activities, as we strive to nurture and support not only the Bengali community but also all the other Indian communities worldwide.

Meet Our Team

Our Executive Committee is devoted to promoting and advancing the ethos of Bengali culture and knowledge through its year-round initiatives.

Shyamal Biswas


Phone: 9449031398

Suresh Dhar

Joint Secretary

Phone: 9886204504

Sanjay Bhattacharjee


Phone: 9916011033

Arunabha Ghose


Phone: 7259002211

J. D. Mandal

Joint Secretary

Phone: 7483073496