• To bring the like minded people in the neighborhood together
  • To organise the cultural program mainly during various Bengali festivals
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information among various social aspects by providing necessary infrastructure
  • To support weaker sections of our society
  • To support various social causes for overall well living
  • To encourage our younger generation to follow our heritage and culture

RT Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Samiti:

Is there any Bengalee on earth, whose heart does not dance to the rhythmic beats of “Dhak” (drum) at the advent of autumn?Who remains unmoved by the inviting fragrance of “Siuli” flower soaked in morning dew?Who is not overwhelmed by the fascinating sight of “Kaash phool” waving in gentle breeze?

Probably not. Because this is the momentous light fortnight (sukla paksha) of the month of “Aswin”( Sept/ Oct),when the spirit of Durga Puja flows through our blood stream.Everyone knows how our whole year rolls by with the avid wait for these festive four days,when Maa Durga descends on earth to fill our homes with celebrations and merriment.
According to mythology, Durga is the epitome of “Shakti”. On being empowered by various weapons from different Gods,She had a fierce battle with Mahisasura (the king of demons) and eventually killed him. That is why she is durgati-nashini Durga,our mother Goddess who eliminates the evils,protects her devotees,and establishes peace and prosperity on earth.
Bangalore city is inhabited by more than 5 lakh of Bengalee folk and at present nearly thirty Durga Pujas are celebrated across the city. But the Bengalees of R T Nagar regions were lacking a Puja of their own. It was only in the middle of 2008 that the thought of organizing a Durga Puja here dawned on some of our friends,the majority of whom were residents of Sultanpalya.With some thirty members a club was formed, which was named as “R T Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Samiti”. Meetings started taking place and the thrill of this new venture began gripping us.We do not hesitate to admit that there was an amount of diffidence in the beginning.The huge budget and the enormous responsibility loomed large.But time gradually witnessed how our fond dream was translated into a remarkable success.
Our protected and cozy puja mandap,homely reception, novelty of idol, pious performance of puja rituals, organized “bhog” distribution, decent cultural programme – all speak volumes for the dedicated involvement,focused effort, and generous contributions not only by the Samiti members,but also by all the patrons,donors and devotees.The visitors by and large express ample satisfaction at the arrangements made and many of them spontaneously offer to become a part of our Samiti.Consequently our membership base has gradually grown,and is no longer confined to R T Nagar alone.
R T Nagar Durga Puja can now boastfully claim to have carved out a niche in Bangalore Durga Puja scenario. We are rewarded by the spread of our goodwill.But the most prized achievement that we have won is an air of love,attachment and socialization… the feeling of a large family… which is growing larger & larger.
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